What is your screening process?

I’d hope that you’d reach out with a quick introduction about yourself, and what is is you’re looking for.

Also, please include at minimum your name, email address, and applicable board handles. I will require either 1.) A recent, independent reference from another provider, or 2.) Your Linked-in profile or a scanned piece of your photo ID.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

I reserve my time for guests often months in advance and sometimes incur expenses in order to see you. I reserve the right to enforce a cancellation fee of up to 50% of our agreed upon consideration on a case-by-case basis. It will be implemented at my discretion based on a variety of factors including date duration, and notice provided.

What is the best etiquette when contacting you?

I experience a very high volume of requests, and as such, am not available for last minute dates, and often recommend 3-5 weeks notice for new suitors.
Priority is given to longer engagements and regulars. Please note that I do not discuss “services” as arrangements are for my time and company only. Emails that are missing booking details, screening information, or impolite, will likely not be responded to.

Do you travel with clients?

Absolutely! If we’ve met previously, or see each other regularly, I would adore traveling with you. Those who know me, know I’m an explorer at heart – what better way to do it than together?

Please see my “Travel page” for rates and details.

Please note, I am available for travel within Canada only.

When will you be visiting my city?

I do not tour often, however, any upcoming trips will be announced directly on my Twitter page. If you’re interested in meeting me outside of Toronto, Fly-Me-To-You dates can be arranged.

Please note, I do not travel to the United States, and only see clientele in Canada.

Do you have pets at your incall?

I do. I am a huge animal lover, and own two small dogs. They are quiet, and very well behaved. However, if allergies are an issue, I’m happy to come to you instead.

Can I review you?

Unfortunately, no. After maintaining stellar reviews for the last two years, I implemented a strict “No Review Policy” on June 17th, 2018. I appreciate no mentions, reviews, or commentary about me or our encounter on public forums or review boards.

Do you see couples or female clients? Will you see my friend and I?

While I’m super flattered, unfortunately, I do not meet with multiple individuals at once, or female clientele. I am available to meet with selective gentlemen only.

What are your ‘stats’?

I’m 5’6 in height, and I’m in my mid-twenties. I do have three small tattoos and only ear piercings.
My photos show my figure in detail, however, I don’t believe it’s necessary to include my weight or any other sizes in order for us to have a meaningful connection.


She is an awesome girl. Don’t miss her… I can tell you this, she is a GEM and once in a life time opportunity