Anyone who knows me, knows I thrive on travel.

It’s one of my biggest passions. If I’m not in Toronto, I’m regularly exploring across the country, and discovering hidden gems along with it. Meeting people from different backgrounds, learning new languages, trying new cuisines and collecting experiences is how I’m often spending my free time.

Whether you’re on business, or looking to sneak away for a few days, I make an excellent partner in crime. I have an eye for adventure, and a knack for finding the local hot spot.

Think you can keep up?


One day $6,000
Two days $10,000
Three days $14,000
One week $25,000
Each additional day $3,500


  • Travel bookings require a 25% deposit to confirm our date. This can be done via E-Transfer or Paypal.
  • Flight expenses can be compensated through e-gift cards via Flight Centre


“Skiing in Whistler? Hiking the Rockies? Surfing on the West Coast? See you there.”


She is one of those rare women who is exactly who you think she is and even exceeds expectations. She sensed my nervousness in the beginning and went to great lengths to allow me to unwind at my own pace, and her alacrity and great sense of humor instantly put me at ease…