Madison Winter

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Virtual & In Person Rates

Duration Donation
30 Minute Social Skype Date $350 CAD
1 Hour Social Skype Date $600 CAD
1.5 Hours $1,500 CAD
2 Hours $2,000 CAD
3 Hours $3,000 CAD
5 hrs $4,000 CAD
15 hrs – Overnight $6,000 CAD
24 hrs – The Entire Day $8,000 CAD

Please note that in order to secure our time together, a 25% deposit for in person dates, and a 50% deposit for virtual dates is required at the time of booking.

Travel & Extended Date Packages

One day $8,000
Two days $12,000
Three days $15,000
Five days $20,000
One Week $25,000

Anyone who knows me, knows I thrive on travel. It’s one of my biggest passions. If I’m not in Toronto, I’m regularly off exploring.

Meeting people from different backgrounds, learning new languages, trying new cuisines and collecting experiences is what I think pleasure is truly about. When was the last time you were truly away, and off? Let’s immerse ourselves in the moment.